Industry Overview

The healthcare industry is booming with job opportunities. With the fastest growing employment rate, as well as great benefits and job stability, a career in the healthcare industry is very rewarding.

There are several different careers available in the healthcare industry ranging from physicians and nurses to medical assistants and technicians. Each one of these positions requires different schooling and training.

Medical assistants, medical receptionists, medical billers, medical coders, and other similar professionals are generally employed with a high school diploma and some additional on-the-job training. These specialists work in different clinics, doctor's offices and hospitals assisting physicians, surgeons and pharmacists.

Many trade schools and junior colleges offer courses for those wanting to work in the medical field. There are also many universities and programs that offer schooling for aspiring medical professionals.

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and is in need of compassionate professionals to assist in its many helpful objectives. With varying education and training requirements there is truly an employment opportunity for any interested candidates in the medical field. Start or further your career in the medical field today!