Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants work in health care offices performing administrative duties such as e-mail correspondence, patient admittance, scheduling, filing out insurance claims, and filing. They're contribution to the front desk consists of relieving much of the paperwork and tedium for doctors. Often they are regarded as the first and last impression patients receive when dealing with medical treatment.

Medical administrative assistants are employed in front offices of hospitals, private physician's offices, and clinics. They can work in the many departments within a health care facility like general medicine, specialized medicine, or the E.R.

Job outlook for medical receptionists is very positive. The medical industry is booming and always looking for new additions. Certification isn't required but those who earn accreditation in medical assistantship have better job prospects and a strong chance for promotions.

Key Facts About Medical Administrative Assistants:

  • Medical administrative assistants carry out administrative duties for hospitals, clinics, and private doctor's offices.
  • Experienced medical administrative assistants can eventually move up to office manager positions.
  • Employment opportunities for medical administrative assistants are expected to rise 34% in the next 8 years.

Salary for medical administrative assistants depends on certification and experience. Most medical admin assistants can expect strong job security with generous benefits that will increase the longer they choose to work. Facilities across the nation are in dire need of new front office managers and those who develop long career lives can earn great retirement benefits as well.

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