Health Information Technician

Health information technicians maintain patient medical records. Records are kept for every aspect of medical care. Technicians assemble information on medical history, symptoms, exam results, and treatment methods.

Due to technology advancements, most medical records are now being kept on the computer. Technicians must ensure electronic health records (EHR) are secure and accurate. They may also be involved in improving the facility's EHR software and health information network.

Technicians usually work in hospitals; physician offices, nursing care facilities, and outpatient care centers. Employment is projected to grow much faster than the average. There are more job prospects due to an aging population that often needs medical treatment. Salary depends on education, training, certification, experience, and location.

Key Facts About Health Information Technicians:

  • Technicians have no hands on patient care.
  • Most work a regular 40-hour a week schedule.
  • Credentialed technicians are in high demand from hospitals, clinics, and private physician offices across the nation.
  • Job opportunities are expected to expand by more than 20%.

Employment potential increases for individuals that are Registered Health Information Technicians. Registration is possible after completing an associate degree program and passing a written examination.

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