Radiologists prepare patients to be X-rayed by explaining procedures, adjusting body position, and helping them remove jewelry. They expose and develop the film where it is then processed and recorded. Their work may also require them to manage the equipment and schedule appointments within the department.

Most radiologists work in hospitals. Most radiologists work forty hours a week and some travel between different medical facilities. At times they are required to lift and position disabled patients.

Key Facts About Radiologists:

  • Most specialize in 3 dimensional imaging like CT scanning or MRIs.
  • Job opportunities in Radiology are supposed to grow by 19% in the next 10 years.
  • Radiologists must graduate from an program and pass an entrance exam to be certified. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists offers free testing!

Salary for radiologists depends on several factors such as education, training, certification, and location. The population is aging which means more patients are in need of diagnostic imaging for treating illnesses. Employers are seeking those with determination for a lifelong career in the medical field. Those with ambition and hard work ethic can have a lucrative career with great medical benefits for them and their family.

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